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Australian Mind-Body worker, Tom Bowen, developed the Original Bowen
Technique. His work was based on his approach of ‘resetting’ the tension in
muscles, tendons, ligaments, tissue and fascia.
Bowenwork is unique in that it resets the nervous system, activates the
immune system and stimulates the body’s innate healing ability. It acts with
the proprioceptive system in the body, the feedback loop from the muscles
and tissue to the brain and back to the site.
A stretch-roll-release movement that creates a measurable piezoelectric
stimulus, the “moves” are gentle and precise, initiating a rapid self-healing
process via the nervous system. The brain sends back a message to the tissue
to normalize to its original blueprint of perfect health and encourages the
nervous system to reset.
This whole body technique has the potential to help any condition, as it
affects internal organ systems, the musculoskeletal structure as well as
emotions. Taking the body out of stress mode and into relax, rest and repair
mode, the bodies natural healing ability can take over.
During a session there are 2-minute pauses between sets of moves. These
pauses are an essential part of the work. The body and brain are
communicating. The “waits” allow the body time to respond to the
stimulation that has just been initiated and to assimilate the signals.
After a session you may experience an increased range of motion, a
reduction of pain, decrease of muscular tension and a greater sense of
relaxation and wellbeing.

**On-Site Only in the Palm Springs Area**

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