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Bioresonance for your holistic well-being.
How does this process work?

First things first, an M.I.T. Developed Voice Analyzer records your voice. A sophisticated health program deciphers the frequencies of your voice, which tells me exactly where to Look For, Detect & Identify Stressors and Root Causes of Physical, Mental and Spiritual Disharmony.


Next, the Bioresonance Program Energetically Balances the Stress Disturbances. I distill the information to a core of Healing Frequencies, which can be sent to your phone or tablet for continued support.


Then, I use the information and my years of practice to devise the Perfect Personal Programs for your Transformation. We can work in person or Remotely, connecting via Zoom or FaceTime. As we progress on your healing path, directed by you, through your own voice, new programs are generated. The restorative energetics reinforce growth and healing and reminds the body of its perfect blueprint of health, so it can heal itself. The newest studies on sound healing, energetic healing, quantum healing, and biofield science are rich with revelations on measuring and tuning the biofield.



Are you ready to embark on this new journey of healing? Invest in yourself, not more supplements, programs, plans or promises.

I can't wait to get started as you are empowered to take a proactive approach to your health and healing. You can. By integrating evidence-based tools for whole-body healing into your preventive routine, you begin to feel the best you have ever felt, so call for your introductory health reading today! This is an unparalleled time for those at the forefront of optimizing human health and promoting the union of healing arts modalities with groundbreaking science. I am part of this movement forward in the Science of Healing.

Choose your plan

  • Intro Body Reading

    • Initial

      Initial Intake, Scanning, Analysis & Harmonizing
      • 1 Month Program

        A New Program Each Week
        Valid for one month
        • Remote Phone Capsule to Continue Weekly Session- $60
        • Each Ala Carte Program Playlist $45
      • 3 Month Program

        Every month
        Valid for 3 months
        • 4 Playlists A Month
        • FREE Remote Frequency Player
        • $35 Ala Cart Playlists
        • Choose a program target each week/month
      • Total Wellness

        In-Depth, Total Wellness Discovery and Well-being Program
        • $180 every month
        • 4 Playlists per month plus a bonus
        • A la Carte Playlists $35

        These are only examples
        Free Plan
        • Peaceful Sleep Promotion
        • Pain Disturbance Harmonization
        • Money Magnetizing
        • Inflammation Disturbance Reduction
        • Brain Optimized and Cognitive Enhancement
        • Weight loss and Supercharge my Metabolism
        • Anti-Aging and Rejuvenation
        • Beating Burnout: Energetic Renewal
        • Total Cellular Regeneration
        • Total Hormonal Regeneration
        • Home Clearing Frequencies
        • Mood Lifter
        • Detox Frequencies
        • Dog, Cat, Horse Wellness
        • Family Harmony
        • Digestive Disturbances
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