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Wellness Coach

Pure Genius Health

Mardelle Milton-Mercurio

Your body is talking to you..we give it a voice

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This is the Work I do

This is an unparalleled time for those at the forefront of optimizing human health and promoting the union of healing arts modalities with groundbreaking science. I am part of this movement forward in the Science of Healing. 

First, a State-of-the-Art Voice Spectral Analyzer records your voice. Then a sophisticated quantum health program deciphers the frequencies of your voice, which tells me about Stressors and Root Causes of Physical, Mental and Spiritual Disharmony. Quantum Bioresonance is a method of energetic testing and harmonizing based on the principals of quantum physics.

Energetic balancing is accomplished through sacred harmonic tones and energetic frequencies designed specifically for you, for powerful healing sessions. Then we review the success of these energy healing tones, sacred signatures & frequencies with the use of a very sophisticated energy-reporting program to determine your responses. I employ hundreds of Wellness Panels and thousands of energetic signatures, healing frequencies and tones to create custom designed sessions to perform the harmonizing of energies. And, if you choose, you can experience these frequencies and tones right from your phone!

​Let me be your advocate and give you a deeper understanding of your holistic being by showing you the physical, mental and spiritual stressors that hold you back from transforming your life. Genius Bioresonance is about energy, and creating a new energetic imprint within you that remembers how to be well and happy. 

​It is my intention to give you the best interpretation of the energetic information we discover during your session.  You and your voice are the creator of the information, not me.  I am your facilitator and director of healing and harmonization, and I want to make this incredible modality available to as many people as possible as we continue to expand and grow into this new dimension of Light and Love.


Let’s Work Together

Imagine the inner power you could unleash by integrating the latest evidence-based tools for whole-body healing into your preventive routine.


"I can't thank you enough for all your support, you are very instrumental in my healing journey"




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